15 Creative/Writing Prompts

This is an extra special post and I’m so excited to share it with you. I had so much fun writing it! I’ve got five ideas for three different types of prompts, so no matter what your style, you can get something out of this list. These prompts can serve as inspiration for any artistic medium. They will translate into writing, film, dance, visual art, even music.


  1. Lamb’s Ear

  2. Yarrow

  3. Thistle

  4. Stinging Nettle

  5. Mangrove


  1. Are humans obsessed with themselves?

  2. Is personality, even if influenced only through socialization, inevitable?

  3. Why do humans need a reason to live?

  4. How many species in our galaxy exist?

  5. Is time infinite, or a false concept?

Personal History

  1. Who was the first person you ever loved?

  2. How did your parents or grandparents meet?

  3. What don’t you know about a family member that you always wondered?

  4. When was the first time you fell extremely ill or got badly hurt?

  5. When did you first experience loss?

Have some ideas for a future prompt list? Leave a comment below, or send me an email at emestoch@g.cofc.edu with your suggestion!

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